Zomato Co-founder Pankaj Chaddah Biography

1 year ago / by Team SEEMA
Pankaj Chaddah
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Pankaj Chaddah

Entrepreneur Pankaj Chaddah is known for being the co-founder of the popular restaurant-focused app Zomato. He started the company with his friend Deepinder Goyal. As we learn about him, we see that he and Goyal were both graduates of ITT Delhi. News on him indicates that he was an analyst for Bain and Company before he partnered with Goyal to create Zomato, an online restaurant menu directory. 

If you’re wondering “what is the profession of Pankaj Chaddah?” it is important to note that he was still at his day job during the early days of Zomato. He started Zomato with his business partner in 2008, and the company was very successful for a decade. The biography Pankaj Chaddah states that he started another company in 2019 called Mindhouse. This company focused on mental fitness and was a departure from Zomato but still a necessary service for society.


Who is he married to?

Chaddah is married to Pooja Khanna. The two have teamed up to form Mindhouse, a company that focuses on mental health and wellness. The company was launched in December 2019 and featured physical studios for meditation. However, Chaddah and his wife had to change the business model to online-only services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where was Zomato Pankaj Chaddah born?

He is from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The age of him is 36; he was born December 23, 1985.

What is his net worth?

The networth Pankaj Chaddah is close to $1 billion as of 2021. Chaddah was able to take advantage of a 66% increase in the stock market for Zomato Ltd.

When did Zomato Pankaj Chaddah start his career?

He started his career as an analyst in the early 2000s after graduating from ITT Delhi and cofounded Zomato in 2008.