Hira Mani Blends Work and Family Life

Jul/13/2023 / by Team Seema
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The U.S. TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has had plenty of versions produced around the world. One of the most successful was Pakistan’s “Meri Teri Kahani.” The show starred the real-life married couple, Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh. The couple played fictionalized versions of themselves before Hari Mani set out on her successful acting career.

The Biography of Hira Mani

Actress Hira Mani was born in Karachi, Pakistan in February 1988. She was born into a middle-class family headed by her banker father. She had a successful academic career before marrying media personality, Salman Saqib Sheikh. Telling the story of how she and Mani met, Hira Mani, revealed she copied his cell phone number from a friend’s phone. After the couple began talking and messaging, they struck up a romantic relationship. The couple married when Mani was 19 and brought her academic career to a halt. The couple shares two children and remains based in Karachi. The actress and TV host shot to internet fame when a video of her being robbed outside her home became viral.

Hira Mani’s marriage did open many doors to her media career as a video jockey for several music TV stations in Pakistan. She has made several appearances on TV shows satirizing political and global news. Her special appearances on the “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain” show received critical praise. She has appeared as herself in several sitcoms, including “Mr. Shamim.” Throughout her career, she has been quick to point out that her fans range from 12 to 14. The actress admits she is happy to act as a positive role model for young people of all genders.

More About Hira Mani

Launching her acting career alongside her husband in the comedy-drama, “Meri Teri Kahani” was an excellent starting point for a successful TV acting career. Hira Mani and her comedian husband, better known as Mani played fictionalized versions of themselves far from the reality of their personalities. Hira played a wicked version of herself far from the reality of her much-publicized happy and loving demeanor. The success of “Meri Teri Kahani” was guaranteed by the impressive performances of the lead actors. Despite playing a difficult version of herself, Hira Mani played the role for two seasons to great acclaim. The show was a success for ARY Digital and Hum Network among its target audience.

Following the success of her sitcom alongside Mani, Hira Mani embarked on a dramatic role in “Jab We Wed.” The romantic drama detailed the attempts of Faris to carry out the wishes of his dying aunt. The show allowed Hira Mani to show her acting skills away from the bosom of her family.

Hira Mani’s role in “Jab We Wed” led to a series of roles in the family drama’s across Pakistan TV. The roles she took on ranged from comedic characters to straight drama. The Pakistan-born actress made appearances in the family dramas “Firaaq” and “Sun Yaara.”

Since 2018, the success of Hira Mani has seen her appear in multiple TV drama serials and television movies. Her career as a serious actress took off in 2018 when she appeared in four serial dramas. The period drama, “Aangan” gave a sense of prestige to Mani’s career. Her appearance in the series from episode one to ten allowed her to expand on the character Tehmina created by the novelist Khadija Mastoor.

Hira Mani and “Do Bol”

In 2019, Hiram Mani leaped to the TV big time with her role as Geeti in “Do Bol.” The story of an older man falling in love with Mani’s character without daring to declare their love became a top drama in Pakistan. The drama serial became a popular one across the planet. The YouTube channel devoted to “Do Bol” remains one of the most popular for any P{akistan-based TV show.


Who is Hira Mani’s husband?

Hira Mani is married to comedian and political activist, Salman Saqib Sheikh.

Where is Hira Mani now?

The Pakistan-based actress still lives in Karachi and released two romantic drama serials in 2022.

When did Hira Mani start her career?

Hira Mani hosted comedy and music shows on Pakistan TV from 2010 onward. Her acting career began alongside her husband in 2013.


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