Work Outfits for Women

Jul/26/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Work Clothes for Women
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When you think of work clothes for women, you may think about clothing items such as pencil skirts, slacks, and heels that aren’t too high. However, more and more offices are changing their definition of “professional attire” which allows workers to be more creative when it comes to workplace style. Depending on your office’s level of formality, you may be able to wear everything from a graphic t-shirt to distressed jeans to the workplace. However, it’s important to make sure you still look your best so you can make a great impression at the office.

There are several retailers that sell stylish work clothes for women made from quality materials. These retailers offer clothing pieces you can easily add to your professional wardrobe whether you’re looking to add more color and texture to your outfits or want to find stylish outerwear and accessories that are perfect for the office.

Here are a few brands you may want to consider.


When you look at some of the pieces in the Everlane catalog, you may think that most of the pieces are too casual for work. However, you can find some foundational pieces that will bring your professional outfits together.

Everlane is a popular online retailer, largely due to the fact that the company offers transparent pricing. If you need above-average foundational pieces that will make your work outfits more visually appealing, Everlane is the place to go. You’ll find sensible shoes, cotton shirts, work trousers, and leather bags that are suitable for an office setting.


If you’re looking for comfortable and professional shoes to wear to work, the Day family of shoes has a wide selection for you to choose from. One of the most popular items is the Day Gloves which are shoes you can wear all day that look great with slacks, skirts, and suits. The Day Heel, The Glove Boot, and The Mary Jane are also popular shoe choices. The shoes are available in standard neutral colors like brown and black, but you can also find more eye-catching colors like white and red to coordinate with your work outfits as well.

Dagne Dover

You can count on Dagne Dover to provide stylish bags that will hold all the items you need to be productive during your workday. The bags are constructed in a way that allows you to keep everything organized. The Classic Signature Tote is a great choice and has pockets that allow you to store a water bottle, pens, your phone, a table, and a side pocket for additional items. The bags also feature a detachable key holder to help you keep up with your keys. If you choose the bag in a neutral color, you can wear it with virtually any work outfit in your closet.

If your office is more formal, you may enjoy some of the pieces offered by M.M. LaFleur. This retailer offers stylish pieces that are resistant to wrinkles and machine-washable. There are also certain design additions that make these clothing items especially comfortable, such as internal clips that secure bra straps in place and pants with adjustable hems. There are also several pieces that won’t get wrinkled when you pack them, which is ideal if your job requires you to travel. With M.M. LaFleur, you’re likely to find more than one outfit combination that will flatter your silhouette.


Spanx is well-known for its foundational garments and you need the right shapewear to ensure that your office attire fits appropriately. The Luxe Leg Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights are ideal if you’re wearing a skirt or business suit and shapes the silhouette to ensure your clothes fall just right.

Spanx also has a collection of pants you may want to try. The Perfect Black Pant has several style variations so you’re sure to find one that is ideal for your body type and office dress code. You can also find pants in regular, petite, or tall inseams.


If you love clothes from J.Crew, you likely know that the store has a sale often. If you need quality items to wear to work, you can find skirts, sweaters, button-downs, and business suits that will boost your confidence. J.Crew offers clothing in vintage preppy styles that are perfect for a formal office setting. If your workplace is casual, you can also fit jeans and high-quality t-shirts that will still make you look professional and well put together.

Club Monaco

If you want to look refined and sophisticated when you step into the office, you can find several stylish pieces at Club Monaco. The retailer offers clothing you’ll love wearing every day and most of the pieces allow you to easily transition from the office to an evening out.

Banana Republic

If you work in a corporate environment, Banana Republic is the place to go for your professional wardrobe needs. You can find several separates, dresses, and suits for less than $200 and there are often some deals and discounts you can take advantage of often. Whether you’re looking for clothing in neutral hues or want a blazer or suit in a vivid color that will stand out, you can likely find the pieces you need at the Banana Republic.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has been providing polished clothing for women since the 1950s. You can find dresses and suits from this retailer that are both soft and sophisticated, as well as business-casual pieces that will likely still be approved by HR. You can find classic black and navy blue blazers as well as pastel and jewel tones that allow you to add your personal style to your work wardrobe.


Uniqlo is one of the top-ranked retailers for women’s business clothing because the garments are made from quality materials. However, the prices are still affordable; you can find tailored pants for under $40 and work-appropriate blouses for less than $30. The clothing is easy to wear so you’ll be comfortable at work while still maintaining the stipulations of the office dress code.

Of Mercer

This contemporary clothing brand is designed for busy professional women. When you have a day filled with meetings or have to travel for work, you’ll find a pair of slacks, a stylish blazer or button-down, or a skirt that will add the perfect finishing touch to your look.


Express is often the place to go for carefree or semi-formal wear, but you can also find some attractive work-ready pieces from this popular brand. Express has several affordable business suits, a collection of dress pants, and several button-down shirts that make it easy to look presentable in the office.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best!


What color are best for work clothes for women?

When it comes to office attire for women, it’s best to stick with neutral pieces that you can customize. Black, navy blue, tan, and brown are also great colors for business slacks or skirts. You can pair these items with patterned button-down shirts or blouses for a polished and professional look.

Are pencil pants considered office attire for women?

Pencil pans can be included in work outfits for women. However, the pants should be tailored and not too tight. Pencil skirts are also appropriate for women to wear to work in most office settings.

Is wearing a strap dress included in office attire for women?

Usually, work clothes for women don’t include strap dresses since the dresses can be more revealing. However, you may be able to wear a strap dress with a sweater or cardigan to make the outfit more appropriate for the office.


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