How to Make Friendship Bracelets: Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns

2 years ago / by Team SEEMA
How to Make Friendship Bracelets

How To Make Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are simple and enjoyable to make. You may either present them to a friend or keep them for yourself to add to your jewelry collection. You might even be able to sell some if your friendship bracelet-making abilities are very sophisticated. Begin by mastering the fundamental method, then add simple braids, charms, and beads to make it more elaborate.

Anyone may learn how to make friendship bracelets with complicated patterns that are both attractive and easy to produce. Allow us to demonstrate how with simple step-by-step instructions.

You can build a beautiful bracelet like one of them even if you’re a total beginner:

Patterns for Friendship Bracelets

The following are the three friendship bracelet patterns:

Twisted Friendship Bracelet

This simple bracelet only takes two twists or shakes to put together.

What you’ll require:

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • Pearl cotton
  • Yarn

How To Do It:

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

1. Cut an adequate proportion of strands of string, typically around 30 inches long, off your string. (For a floss and pearl cotton bracelet, you’ll require 10 strands, but if you are using yarn, you’ll just need approximately 4 strands.)

2. Collect all of the string strands around, endpoints lined up, and tie them together approximately 3 inches from one end. Make a second knot at the opposite end of the thread, approximately 3 inches from the end.

3. Insert your pointer fingers into the interior of every knot of the bunched thread. Start twisting the thread by pulling it taut across your fingers. Turn your right hand round and your left hand backward. (If this is too difficult, just hold one hand still while twisting the other—easier, that’s but it takes far longer.)

4. You’re almost done when the thread is entirely twisted and tries to “bunch up” on itself. At this stage, it should be firmly twisted. If you have a buddy around, have her identify the center of the string between both the knots and tug it towards her (while keeping the knots wrapped on your fingers). If you don’t have a pal around, use your teeth to discover and grip the middle of the string.

5. Next, while also still gripping on to the middle, bring your two hands together again and twist the two sides of the string together. Extend your fingers cautiously from the ends. You should have a tiny loop at one end of the bracelet and two knots at the other.

6. Untie the two end knots (which are now beside each other) and retie all of the ends into a single big knot. String ends should be trimmed. To wear it, just use loop at one end to push the big knot through.

Braided Friendship Bracelet

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

You may create this bracelet short, so it just wraps once around your wrist, or long, so it loops three times round your wrist. This tutorial will teach you how to construct a lengthy one.

What you’ll require:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Pearl cotton, or yarn
  • Tape or big safety pin
  • Scissors

How To Do It:


1. Calculate and cut three, six, or nine strands of thread, each approximately 30 inches long. (The amount of strands should be equally divisible by three.) When creating the multicolored pearl cotton or embroidered floss bracelets, you’ll need 9 strands, but if you’re using yarn, you may wish to use less.)

2. Gather all of the snipped strands together, endpoints lined up, and knot them approximately 2 inches from one end. Tape the ends to a tabletop or use a safety pin to fasten them to a cushion (or the leg of your jeans).

3. Divide the strands beneath the knot into three equal sections and braid them together until you reach the finish. Tie a loose knot just at end of the bracelet and then wrap it around your wrists to verify the length. After winding it around your wrist three times, the knots should be fairly close to each other. If the braid becomes too lengthy, undo the loose knot as well as unbraid the strands slightly before attempting again.

4. When the bracelets are the correct length, tie two tight knots at the end, approximately 12 inch apart. Trim string comes to an end.

5. To put on, wrap the bracelet three times round your wrist. Insert the single knot through the unbraided gap between the double knots on the opposite end of the bracelet.

Friendship Bracelet with Knots

This is the classic bracelet that we used to make as kids for our pals to wear till they came off. They’re great for road trips since they’re portable, but can take a Very long time to create. This tutorial will teach you how to construct a chevron-patterned bracelet.

What you’ll require:

  • 4 different colors of embroidery floss or pearl cotton
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Tape or big safety pin

How to Do It:

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

1. Carefully cut 8 pieces of string (two of each color), each at least 60 inches in length.

You can have more or less than eight strands. Just ensure to cut two of each color you intend to use.

2. Bring all of the snipped strands together, tip to tip, and tie them together approximately 3 inches from one end. Tape the edges to a tabletop or use a safety pin to fasten them to a cushion (or the leg of your jeans).

3. Begin by separating the strands such that they are mirror images of one another.

4. Making a loop around String 2 (the very next string to the right) and pulling it up to the top knot, begin with the strand on the farthest left (String 1). To prevent the knot from “jumping” across to String 2, maintain String 2 tight while you construct the loop around it with String 1. Make a second loop and draw it up below the first. String 1 should now be directly to the right of String 2.

5. Repeat Step 4 by making two loops around String 3 with String 1. Repeat the procedure with String 4. String 1 will now be in the center of all the other strings.

6. Move the four left strings to the side for a moment so you can focus on the right strings. Begin by looping twice around String 7 with the farthest right strand (String 8). String 6 and then String 5 should be repeated.

7. Repeat steps 4–6 with your new String 1 and String 8 to make the loops towards the center. Then repeat the process with the remaining strings.

8. As you make your way down, re-pin or re-tape the bracelet to tighten the section you’re working on. Take the bracelet every now and again and wrap it around your buddy’s wrist to measure the length.

9. When the bracelet is large enough to easily accommodate your friend’s wrist, detach the pin or tape and tie a knot at the other side. Tie the string ends over your friend’s hand and ask him or her to convey a wish. According to tradition, the wish will be granted when the bracelet comes off.


Is it hard to make a friendship bracelet?

Creating friendship bracelets is a great DIY craft project since it’s simple to learn, portable, and easy to share with your pals. It’s unquestionably one of those “rites of passage” things that we all participate in during sleepovers and summer camps.

How do you make a friendship bracelet with 3 strings for beginners?

1. Take three different colored woolen strands and tie them together at one end approximately 10 cm below the end. Connect the three strands’ knotted ends to a hook. Alternatively, you can tape it to the object you’re working on. The trick is to ensure that the three strands can be pleated easily while the top knotted piece is securely kept in place.
2. Divide the three strands and tie a knot at the top, underneath the tape, using the left and middle strands. Next, with the right and centre strands, create a loop.
3. Continue this procedure, alternating between both the left and right sides, until you have a lovely bracelet.
4. Finish by tying off the end of your bracelet.


These bracelets are both enjoyable to make and to wear. Wear them on their own and with other string or metallic bracelets. You may give them to a friend or keep them for yourself. Play some indie music in the background and enjoy a delightful journey down memory lane while crafting gorgeous jewelry.

To learn more about how to make different types of jewelry, keep reading Seema!