Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan is Storming the Male Tech Bastion

3 years ago / by seemadmin
Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

Heading an organization named by the Inc. 5000 conference as the fastest-growing woman-led company, a PhD from Stanford, coming up with an algorithm for NASA’s space shuttle to Pluto, being featured on Forbes’ list of Top 50 women in tech—it is the stuff that dreams are made of. But the path to the top was not easy for Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, founder of Drawbridge, a company that uses a complex algorithm to understand how people interact with ads online and across various interfaces. Born in a typical South Indian family, albeit settled in Mumbai, the emphasis at home was on high-quality education with special focus on science and mathematics. Thus, quite early on, Sivaramakrishnan was on her way to stirring up a storm in the male-dominated techie world. An uphill task all the way, and the lack of women role models did not help!

In an interview to Yourstory.com, she speaks of her experience when she first joined AdMob. “When I first joined, I was the only woman on the team. Startups typically attract people who are very ambitious, somewhat of a misfit in other companies, who want to create an impact, be creative and entrepreneurial. This profile typically belongs to the old boys of the game,” says Sivaramakrishnan. Her advice to women wishing to make a mark in the tech world is to “be comfortable with the uncomfortable”.