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Six Summer Activities for the Family

12 months ago / by Preetam Kaushik
Image credits: Jonathan Kemper via Unsplash

When summer is creeping up, you are probably getting excited about vacations. But what do you need to do to enjoy them? Try out some activities that puts some fun into your life.


What a lovely way of bonding – over your own plot of earth. Digging into ground reality might be hard work but it is also a great way to relax and grow. Whether you are shoveling, planting, weeding, pruning or clearing the weeds for new beds of flowers, vegetables and fruits, it is a relaxing, educational and productive outdoor activity. It’s helps you grow with the family, share the produce with friends and neighbors, or even proudly sell your collective produce.


How about hitting it off with the creepy-crawlies? All those insects, worms and worse that bug the earth everywhere are actually your great friends in ecological sustainability and in keeping your food chain green and safe. If you and your family check out the favorite foods of earthworms, how grasshoppers go gaga over their girls, and how butterflies lays eggs, then you might not mind having these insects crawl all around you. Borrow some books on invertebrates, locate some bugs under stones and sticks, and pool your findings with your family. This is truly a lovely way of exploring the natural world with loved ones.


Most of you would have pedaled furiously on bikes with your friends and classmates. But what about redoing it all with the family? The fact that each family member of different ages is cycling together should be enough to get you interested in this new, economical, eco-friendly and exercise-friendly, fun activity. Check your bikes, get strong helmets for everyone and start off on a long, straight, safe ride that is fun for all and also repairs your own flagging health or spirits.


Imagine just sitting near local ponds and tanks with fishing poles and setting some bait on your fishing rods. This is a relaxing activity, wherein all you do is get going with your family, eat some snacks, cast your nets and lines on the water – and then just wait for the fish. If you manage to get some big hauls, well, good. Capture it all on as photos or videos and burn the images in your brain to make for lasting images.


What makes beaches special? The soft sand, the lapping waves or sudden huge tides, the pools, the swimming, surfing or playing beach balls, frisbees, volleyball or flag football … Or just flopping down on the sand and building castles or eating. All these are lovely ways to spend time with your family, or fashion creative games together.

Water Skiing

While summer can be all about sweating, you can also enjoy sunning yourself, take cooling dips, and go skiing. That last option brings in an exciting and exhilarating activity to make your summer shine. All of you who water ski together can do it together. Laugh with and at each other, as you tumble and fall while at it.